When Kindness Kills

“Tell us how you knew the decedent, Mr. Bradey,” said the attorney, who paced before the witness.

“Hannah was a bridal makeup artist Manchester who rented a small store front from me at the corner of Clairmont and Main Street. She always wore black, smoked Winstons, and made a habit of inviting the crazies in off the street. All I know about her is what my other renters said about her. They told me that she acted as if it was her mission in life to feed the crazies before sending them back out into the cold. She was known for her ‘it takes a village’ rant and her ‘let me read your shockra’ bunk. But, she paid her rent on time, so I didn’t care how she ran her business. Her demise was a testament of how kindness kills, only, I suppose kindness got the wrong person killed in her case.”

Are You Even Listening?

Last weekend at my family dinner I got in to a heated argument with my father. It seemed like no matter what I said I was not right and didn’t even come close to making sense. After numerous arguments I asked him to check into Stockport hearing aids because apparently he was missunderstanding everything I was saying. Although the sly comment probably bothered him slightly I could not take the rude words coming from his mouth. The whole time my father and I were bickering my poor mother just sat back and patiently waited for it to end. It took my grandmother speaking up for us to both close or mouths. Whenever she speaks she means business and gets everyones attention. So needless to say the rest of the evening was rather quiet, despite the sound of the television in the back room.

Creative Socializing

When I moved away from my home for a new career, I had a hard time adjusting to the new city. I was so used to having everything and everyone I knew within a few miles of my house and now they are thousands of miles away. Determined to get acquainted with the city, I took a weekend and went sight seeing. I finally saw all the sights I wanted to, while getting familiar with my new home. On one of my many stops, I saw a sign for pottery classes. Never trying ceramic pottery, I though this might be a neat way to meet people of the city and have fun. Sure enough, the classes went great and I was able to show off my new Siak ceramics to my family when they came to visit.

Ceremonies on the Resort

Wedding plan is fun, but very stressful. It took me forever to come up with exactly what I wanted for my wedding. Did I want to get married at home, in a church, outside, or a destination wedding? I ended up choosing a destination wedding, because it allowed me to keep the guest list small and more intimate. Only close friends and family came, and it was the greatest time I’ve ever had.

We ended up going to a resort on the island of St. Lucia. The resort made the ceremonies and the reception really easy to plan; I barely had to lift a finger. Everyone who came had a blast and to top it all off, we were pleasantly surprised on the night of the reception with fireworks for weddings. It is a time I will never forget.

A little extra money

I currently operate a small yet very successful web design Manchester business from my home. I chose this field primarily because I enjoy working with computers and computer code, but also because I understood the frustration that comes with trying to navigate a poorly-designed site. I set out to provide a quality end-product that is user friendly, attractive and which positively represents the client.

Another reason I chose to do design for a living was due to the harsh economy. Although I held a part-time job as a waiter and it paid the bills, I found that it left me with little extra money at the end of the month. I always wanted to do design websites, but I’d always believed it to be an over-saturated market with little opportunity for profit. However, after becoming tired of not making much money, I jumped into it headlong and was immediately surprised by how much I could make.

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